Fuqiang Zhang2


     Fuqiang Zhang

Dan Broida Professor

Operations & Manufacturing Management

Olin Business School
Washington University in St. Louis
Knight Hall 435
1 Brookings Drive
St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

Tel: (314) 935-4580
Email: Fzhang22@wustl.edu

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My main research interests are in supply chain management, which primarily deals with how to match supply with demand. To achieve this goal, a firm needs to carefully manage both sides of the supply chain. The first part of my research focuses on how a firm should contract with upstream suppliers to ensure efficient and responsive supply, i.e., the supply side. The second part of my research is concerned with how to deal with strategic customer behavior that may affect a firm’s operational strategies, i.e., the demand side. 


Journal Publications:

·       20 Years in the Making: The Evolution of the Journal of Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. Forthcoming in Manufacturing & Service Operations Management (With Y. Dai, T. Feng, X. Wu, C. Tang)

·       Responsive Pricing of Fashion Products: The Effects of Demand Learning and Strategic Consumer Behavior. Forthcoming in Management Science (with Y. Aviv and M. Wei)

·       Service Outsourcing: Capacity, Quality and Correlated Costs. Forthcoming in Production and Operations Management (with T. Feng and J. Ren)

·       Advance Selling to Strategic Consumers: Preorder Contingent Production Strategy with Advance Selling Target. Forthcoming in Production and Operations Management (with Mike Wei)

·       Trade-in Remanufacturing, Customer Purchasing Behavior, and Government Policy. Forthcoming in Manufacturing & Service Operations Management. (with R. Zhang)

·       Simple Contracts to Assure Supply under Noncontractible Capacity and Asymmetric Cost Information. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 20(2) 217-231, 2018. (with E. Bolandifar and T. Feng)

·       To Share or Not to Share: Demand Forecast Sharing in a Distribution Channel. Marketing Science 35(5) 800-809. (with B. Jiang, L. Tian, and Y. Xu)

·       Contracting for On-Time Delivery in the U.S. Influenza Vaccine Supply Chain. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 18(3) 332-346. (with T. Dai and S.H. Cho)

·       Delegation versus Control in Supply Chain Procurement under Competition. Production and Operations Management 25(9) 1528-1541. (with E. Bolandifar and P. Kouvelis)

·       Dynamic Capacity Management with General Upgrading. Operations Research 63(6) 1372-1389. (with Y. Yu and X. Chen)

·       An Empirical Investigation of Dynamic Ordering Policies. Management Science 61(9) 2118-2138. (with C. Larson and D. Turcic)

·       A Method for Analyzing Pollution Control Policies: Application to SO2 Emissions in China. Energy Economics 49 451-459. (with X. Li and X. Wu)

·       Home or Overseas? An Analysis of Sourcing Strategies under Competition. Management Science 60(5) 1223-1240, 2014. (with X. Wu)

·       The Impact of Modular Assembly on Supply Chain Efficiency. Production and Operations Management 23(11) 1985-2001. (with T. Feng)

·       Outsourcing Competition and Information Sharing with Asymmetrically Informed Suppliers. Production and Operations Management 23(10) 1706-1718. (with X. Zhao and L. Xue)

·       Advance Demand Information, Price Discrimination, and Pre-order Strategies. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 15(1) 57-71, 2013. (with C. Li)

·       Procurement Mechanism Design in a Two-Echelon Inventory System with Price-Dependent Demand. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 12(4) 608-626, 2010.

·       Effect of Supply Reliability in a Retail Setting with Joint Marketing and Inventory Decisions. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 12(1) 19-32, 2010 (with S. Liu and R. So)

·       On the Value of Commitment and Availability Guarantees When Selling to Strategic Consumers. Management Science 55(5) 713-726, 2009 (with X. Su)

·       Dynamic Capacity Management with Substitution. Online Appendix. Operations Research 57(3) 671-684, 2009 (with R. Shumsky)

·       Strategic Customer Behavior, Commitment, and Supply Chain Performance. Management Science 54(10) 1759-1773, 2008 (with X. Su)

·       Obtaining Fast Delivery in a Queuing System via Performance-Based Allocation of Demand. Management Science 53(3) 408-420, 2007 (with G.P. Cachon)

·       Competition, Cooperation and Information Sharing in a Two-echelon Assembly System. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management 8(3) 273-291, 2006

·       Procuring Fast Delivery: Sole-sourcing with Information Asymmetry. Management Science 52(6) 881-896, 2006 (with G.P. Cachon)

·       Positive vs. Negative Externalities in Inventory Management: Implications for Supply Chain Design. Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, 7(1) 58-73, 2005 (with S. Netessine)

Book Chapters:

·       Research Developments of Strategic Customer Behavior in Operations Management. Invited for the Surveys in Operations Research and Management Science (later incorporated into the Computers and Operations Research journal) (with M. Wei)

·       Supply Contracting under Information Asymmetry and Delivery Performance Consideration. Supply Chain Disruptions: Theory and Practice of Managing Risk, edited by H. Gurnani, A. Mehotra, and S. Ray.

·       Strategic Customer Behavior and the Benefit of Decentralization. Operations Management Models with Customer-Driven Demand, edited by S. Netessine and C.S. Tang. (with X. Su)

·       Supply Chain Coordination. Encyclopedia of Operations Research and Management Science, edited by James J. Cochran.

 Working Papers: 

·       3D Printing vs. Traditional Flexible Technology: Implication on Manufacturing Strategies. (with L. Dong and D. Shi)

·       Effect of Consumer Awareness on Corporate Social Responsibility Under Asymmetric Information. (with X. Guo and G. Xiao) 

 Other Publications:

My earlier research focused on energy and environmental systems modeling and analysis. We have contributed to the development of the methodology of index decomposition analysis, which can be used to study factors affecting energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and to monitor economy-wide energy efficiency trends. The decomposition techniques based on our research have been adopted by national energy agencies and international organizations, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.S., and the World Bank.

·       Methodological Issues in Cross Country/Region Decomposition of Energy and Environment Indicators, Energy Economics 23: 179-190, 2001. (with B.W. Ang)

·       A Decomposition Technique for Quantifying Real Process Performance, Production Planning and Control, 11(4): 314-321, 2000. (with B.W. Ang and E.P. Chew)

·       A Survey of Index Decomposition Analysis in Energy and Environmental Studies, Energy, 25(12): 1149-1176, 2000. (with B.W. Ang) Ranked top 10 most cited papers published in Energy since 1976.

·       Inter-regional Comparisons of Energy-related CO2 Emissions Using the Decomposition Technique, Energy, 24(4): 297-305, 1999. (with B.W. Ang)

·       Factorizing Changes in Energy and Environmental Indicators through Decomposition, Energy, 23(6): 489-495, 1998. (with B.W. Ang and K.H. Choi)

·       Detecting Real Business Performance Using Decomposition Methodology, Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Management, July 25-28, Shanghai, China, 1998. (with B.W. Ang)