Armando R. Gomes


Published Papers

1.    Dynamic Processes of Social and Economic Interactions: On the Persistence of Inefficiencies, (with Philippe Jehiel), Journal of Political Economy, 113(3), June 2005, pp. 626-667

2.   Going Public without Governance: Managerial Reputation Effects, Journal of Finance, 55 (2), April 2000, pp. 615-646

3.    Finite Horizon Bargaining and the Consistent Field, (with Andreu Mas-Colell and Sergiu Hart), Games and Economic Behavior, 27(2), May 1999, pp. 204-228

4.    Mergers and Acquisitions: An Experimental Analysis of Synergies, Externalities, and Dynamics, (with R. Croson, K. McGinn, and M. Noth), Review of Finance, 8(4), December 2004, pp. 481-514 (Lead article)

5.    Contracting with Externalities and Outside Options, (with Francis Bloch), Journal of Economic Theory, March 2006, pp 172-201

6.    Multilateral Contracting with Externalities, Econometrica, July 2005 73(4), pp. 1329-1350

7.    SEC Regulation Fair Disclosure, Information, and the Cost of Capital, (with Gary Gorton and Leonardo Madureira), Journal of Corporate Finance, June 2007, 13(2), pp 300-334

8.    Why Do Public Firms Issue Private and Public Securities?, (with Gordon Phillips), Journal of Financial Intermediation, October 2012, 21(4), pp. 549-722

9.    Multitask principal-agent problems: optimal contracts, fragility, and effort misallocation, (with Philip Bond), Journal of Economic Theory, January 2009, 144(1), pp. 175-211

10.   Multilateral Negotiations and Formation of Coalitions, Journal of Mathematical Economics, August 2015, pp 77-91.

11. Valuations and Dynamics of Negotiations, Journal of Public Economic Theory, February 2020, 22(1), pp. 245-273.

12. Mergers and Acquisitions with Conditional and Unconditional Offers, (with Wilfredo Maldonado), International Journal of Game Theory, August 2020.

13. Corporate Inversions and Governance, (Felipe Cortes and Radha Gopalan), Journal of Financial Intermediation, August 2020.



 Working Papers

14.   Asset Reallocation in Markets with Intermediaries under Selling Pressure, with S. Balasubramaniam and SangMok Lee, February 2020  Online Appendix

15. Coalitional Bargaining Games:  A New Concept of Value and Coalition Formation, (with Online Appendix) December 2017.

16. Sharing of Control versus Monitoring as Corporate Governance Mechanisms, joint with Walter Novaes.

17. Relative Valuation and Information Production, April 2018, joint with Alan Moreira and David Sovich.

18. Analysts Coverage Network and Corporate Financial Policy, May 2018 joint with Radha Gopalan, Mark Leary, and Francisco Marcet.

19. Takeovers, Freezeouts, and Risk Arbitrage, August 2012.

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