Curriculum Vitae
Selected Papers

"On Second-Best National Saving and Game-Equilibrium Growth," (joint with Edmund S. Phelps),  Review of Economics Studies. April, 1968. (pdf file)

"Habit Formation and Dynamic Demand Functions," Journal of Political Economy, July-August, 1970. (pdf file)

"A Transaction Cost Approach to Families and Households," Journal of Economic Literature, June, 1985. (pdf file)

"Two-Sex Demographic Models," Journal of Political Economy, April, 1990. (pdf file)

"Separate Spheres Bargaining and the Marriage Market," (joint with Shelly Lundberg), Journal of Political Economy, December, 1993. (pdf file)

"Bargaining and Distribution in Marriage," (joint with Shelly Lundberg), Journal of Economic Perspectives, fall, 1996. (pdf file)

"Do Husbands and Wives Pool Their Resources? Evidence from the U.K. Child Benefit," (joint with Shelly Lundberg and Terence J. Wales), Journal of Human Resources, summer, 1997.(pdf file)

"Gary Becker's Contribution to Family and Household Economics," Review of Economics of the Household, Jan./April 2003. (pdf file)

"Efficiency in Marriage" (joint with Shelly Lundberg), Review of Economics of the Household, September 2003. (pdf file)

"Why Are Power Couples Increasingly Concentrated in Large Metropolitan Areas?"(joint with Janice Compton), Journal of Labor Economics, July 2007. (pdf file)

"Family Proximity, Childcare, and Women's Labor Force Attachment," (joint with Janice Compton) Journal of Urban Economics, January 2014 (pdf file)

"Family Inequality: Diverging Patterns in Marriage, Cohabitation, and Childbearing," (joint with Shelly Lundberg and Jenna Stearns), Journal of Economic Perspectives, Spring 2016. (pdf file)

"How Bargaining in Marriage Drives Marriage Market Equilibrium," Journal of Labor Economics, January 2019.  (pdf file)

Pollak was the co-chair of The MacArthur Network on the Family and the Economy

Pollak is a Research Fellow with the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA) and the CESifo Research Network

Pollak is a Research Associate with the National Bureau of Economic Research, Program on Labor Studies

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