Raphael Thomadsen


Associate Professor of Marketing

Olin Business School

Washington University in St. Louis

One Brookings Dr.

Knight Hall, Office 404, CB 1156

St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

(314) 935-3573

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Published Papers


1.     “A Salesforce-driven Model of Consumer Choice: Evidence from an Auto Dealer,” (with Bicheng Yang and Tat Chan), Marketing Science, forthcoming.

2.     “The Strategic Effects of State Dependent Consumer Preferences: The Roles of Habits and Variety Seeking,” (with P.B. (Seethu) Seetharaman). In The Psychology of Habit, edited by Bas Verplanken. Springer. 131-150. 2018.

3.     “How Context Affects Choice” (with Robert P. Rooderkerk, On Amir, Neeraj Arora, Bryan Bollinger, Karsten Hansen, Leslie John, Wendy Liu, Aner Sela, Vishal Singh, K. Sudir and Wendy Wood), Customer Needs and Solutions, 5(1-2), 3-14, 2018.

4.     “Behavior-Based Pricing in Vertically Differentiated Markets,” (With Ki-Eun Rhee), Management Science, 63(8), 2729-2740, 2017.

5.     “Maximal or Minimal Differentiation in a Hotelling market? A Fresh Perspective” (with Amit Pazgal and David Soberman), Customer Needs and Solutions, 3(1), 42-47.

6.     “Profit-Increasing Asymmetric Entry” (with Amit Pazgal and David Soberman), International Journal of Research in Marketing, 33(1), 107-122, 2016.

7.      “How Point-of-Sale Marketing Mix Impacts National-Brand Purchase Shares” (with Minha Hwang), Management Science, 62(2), 571-590, 2016

8.     “Profit-Increasing Consumer Exit,” (with Amit Pazgal and David Soberman), Marketing Science, 32(6): 998-1008, 2013.

9.     “You Can Benefit from a Rival’s New Product,” Harvard Business Review, April 2013, p. 24.

10.  “Vertical Differentiation with Variety-Seeking Customers” (with Robert Zeithammer), Management Science, 59(2): 390-401, 2013.

11.  “Seeking an Expanding Competitor: How Product Line Expansion Can Increase All Firms’ ProfitsJournal of Marketing Research, 49(3), 349-360, 2012.

12.  “A Reflection on Analytical Work in Marketing: Three Points of Consensus” (First Author, with Robert Zeithammer, Dina Mayzlin, Yesim Orhun, Amit Pazgal, Devavrat Purohit, Ram Rao, Michael Riordan, Jiwoong Shin, Monic Sun and Miguel Villas-Boas), Marketing Letters, 23(2), 381-389, 2012.

13.  “Revisiting the Workshop on Quantitative Marketing and Structural Economics,” (with Brett Gordon, Eric T. Bradlow, Jean-Pierre Dubι and Richard Staelin), Marketing Science, 30(6), 945-949, 2011.

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18.  “Optimal minimum wage in the classic labor supply and demand paradigm,” (with Rajeev Dehejia and Bjorn Jorgensen), Journal of Poverty, 12(4), 481-495, 2008.

19.  “Product Positioning and Competition: The Role of Location in the Fast Food IndustryMarketing Science, 26(6), 792-804, 2007.

·       Finalist: 2007 John D.C. Little Best Paper Award

20.  “Costly Collusion in Differentiated Industries” (with Ki-Eun Rhee), Marketing Science, 26(5), 660-665, 2007.

21.  “The Effect of Ownership Structure on Prices in Geographically Differentiated IndustriesRAND Journal of Economics, 36(4), 908-929, 2005.

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23.  “Memory and Anticipation” (with B. Douglas Bernheim), Economic Journal, 105(503), 271-304, 2005.

24.  “Spatial Models in Marketing” (with Eric Bradlow, Bart Bronnenberg, Gary Russell, Neeraj Arora, David Bell, Sri Devi Duvvuri, Frankel ter Hofstede, Catarina Sismeiro and Sha Yang), Marketing Letters, 16(3-4), 267-278, 2005.

25.  “Structural Applications of the Discrete Choice Model” (with Jean-Pierre Dube, Pradeep Chintagunta, Bart Bronnenburg, Ron Goettler, Amil Petrin, K. Sudhir and Ying Zhao), Marketing Letters, 13(3), 207-220, 2002.



Working Papers


26.  “Consumer Informedness: A Simple Way to Explain Maximal or Minimal Differentiation” (with Amit Pazgal and David Soberman).


27.  “Can Non-Tiered Frequency Reward Programs be Profitable?” (with Arun Gopalakrishnan, Yulia Nevskaya and Zhenling Jiang).


28.  “Effects of Income Distribution Changes on Assortment Size in the Mainstream Grocery Channel,” (with Rafael Becerril Arreola and Randy Bucklin).

29.  “Why Fiery Cherry Soda? Innovative Line Extensions Can Revitalize the Choice of a Brand’s Pre-existing Products” (with Brittney Stephenson, Nan Zhao, Cynthia Cryder, Robyn LeBoeuf, and Stephen Nowlis).