Olin School of Business
Washington University
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Research Areas

(Still under construction)

In-group Advantage in Emotion

The in-group advantage project aims to answer the question: When we recognize the emotions expressed by members of a foreign cultural group, how much gets lost along the way?

Individual Differences in Emotion Recognition

The individual differences in emotion recognition project aims to answer the question: What do we know about people who are better at recognizing the emotions of others?

Individual Differences in Negotiation

The individual differences in negotiation project aims to answer the question: Are some negotiators better than others—and, if so, why?

Subjective Value

The subjective value project aims to answer the questions: What do people value when they negotiate? And why do these subjective feelings matter?

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Financial Performance (CFP)

This project attempts to answer the question: Do socially responsible corporations enjoy greater financial performance? First, using meta-analytic techniques, do we find the elusive CSR-CFP link? Second, to what extent does this link result from slack resources invested by successful companies—versus a competitive advantage accruing to those who act responsibly?