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2013-01-015:  Journal: What is a Relationship Worth? Repeated Exchange and the Development and Deployment of Relationship Capital
  Author(s): Elfenbein, D.W. | Zenger, Todd
  Date: forthcoming
  Topic Area(s): Strategy
  Publication: Organization Science
2010-08-009:  Journal: The Small Firm Effect and the Entrepreneurial Spawning of Scientists and Engineers
  Author(s): Elfenbein, D.W. | Hamilton, Barton | Zenger, Todd
  Date: 2010
  Topic Area(s): Economics
  Publication: Management Science
2010-08-008:  Journal: Exclusivity, Contingent Control Rights, and the Design of Internet Portal Alliances
  Author(s): Elfenbein, D.W. | Lerner, J.
  Date: online 2009
  Topic Area(s): Economics
  Publication: Journal of Law Economics and Organization
2008-03-006:  Journal: A Greater Price for a Greater Good? Evidence that Consumers Pay More for Charity-Linked Products
  Author(s): Elfenbein, D.W. | McManus, Brian
  Date: 2010
  Topic Area(s): Economics , Strategy
  Publication: American Economic Journal: Economic Policy
2008-03-004:  Working Paper: Last Minute Bidding in eBay Charity Auctions
Download PDF
  Author(s): Elfenbein, D.W. | McManus, Brian
  Date: May 2007
  Topic Area(s): Economics
  Abstract: Last-minute bidding, or sniping, is widespread in on-line consumer product aucti.....-more-
2008-03-005:  Working Paper: The Entrepreneurial Spawning of Scientists and Engineers: Stars, Slugs, and the Small Firm Effect
  Author(s): Elfenbein, D.W. | Hamilton, Barton | Zenger, Todd
  Date: March 2008
  Topic Area(s): Economics
  Abstract: Using data from a broad sample of US scientists and engineers, we examine the re.....-more-
2006-05-002:  Journal: Patents, Publications, and the Market for University Inventions
  Author(s): Elfenbein, D.W.
  Date: 2007
  Topic Area(s): Economics , Technology Management
  Publication: Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization
2006-03-001:  Working Paper: Do Anti-Ticket Scalping Laws Make a Difference Online? Evidence from Internet Sales of NFL Tickets
  Author(s): Elfenbein, D.W.
  Date: February 19, 2006
  Topic Area(s): Economics
  Abstract: This paper investigates the relationship between state level anti-ticket scalpin.....-more-
2005-08-012:  Journal: Ownership and Control Rights in Internet Portal Alliances, 1995-1999
  Author(s): Elfenbein, D.W. | Lerner, J.
  Date: 2003
  Topic Area(s): Strategy
  Publication: RAND Journal of Economics

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