Judi McLean Parks

Professor of Organizational Behavior
(organizational behavior, conflict resolution and negotiation, and cross-cultural/diversity)

John M. Olin School of Business
Washington University, St. Louis, MO 63130, USA


Professor McLean Parks previously taught at the Industrial Relations Center at University of Minnesota, Cornell University, and Institute d'Administration des Entreprises, Université Jean Moulin Lyon III, Lyon, France

Classes at Wash U, 1999 - 2000 Academic Year

Business School:
OB5601:                     Human behavior & the management of organizations
OB561:                       Negotiations and conflict management (MBA)
OB561C:                    International Negotiations (MBA & Executive MBA)
OB721:                       Organizational Behavior & Team Development (Executive MBA)
OB724:                       Managing Across Cultures (Executive MBA & OPP)
OB PhD:                    PhD seminar in Organizational Behavior

Law School
W74 578C:                 Business Negotiations: Theory & Practice

Executive Training:
Conflict Resolution & Negotiation
Cooperation or Competition: The Benefits of Groups
Diversity Training
Managing the psychological contract
Negotiating Across Cultures
Managing across cultures

Personal Interests:

Professor McLean Parks' hobbies include antiquing, listening to classical music, cooking ( favorite recipes ), gardening, observing nature and genealogy . She has two children (Jason and Heatheryann), a grand-daughter (Julia) and two Weimaraner puppies (Sampson and Delilah).

Research Interests:

Her research interests focus on the "psychological contract" between employers and employees, and how the nature of the employer/employee relationship is changing. Her current research examines the implications of broken psychological contracts in terms disaffected workers and workplace violence. Her research has also addressed the importance of roles, including both ascribed roles (e.g. gender, ethnicity) and achieved roles (those roles which are acquired through effortful, goal directed behavior).

Education & Professional Affiliations

Selected Publications

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