"Without the past, the future has no meaning"
[Loren Eiseley, American Anthropologist]

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 It has only been recently that I have been bitten by the genealogy bug:

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 I knew I was hooked when I began finding stories of murder, mayhem and even a 1600s era witch trial.
(And to think that I hated history when I was in junior high)

During that year, as a newbie to both genealogy and the web, I found tons of other people interested in genealogy and people with web pages that were so willing to help and give me both their time and their advice.
I have found out that this bug certainly is an addictive little fellow!
Follow the links below to find the ancestors of some members of my family tree.
And be sure to let me know if we are related.

 Some of the names I am researching include:
Coonley, Deane, Duchaine, Dreeper, Felter, Felten, Gilbert, Hallenbeck, Joralemon, Lennon, Mackey, McLean, Mynkelaer, Osterhout, Ruggles, Spooner, Vigne, Verplanck

Below you will find some interesting links -- links either to members of my family tree, or just interesting links in general. This is very much a work in progress (and won't be done anytime soon)! I have collected a few thousand names in my family tree (including cousins) and have still not decided on the best format for presenting the information. Enjoy!


Of family and friends....

Button Index of names

 Linked list of names (very much under construction!)

Button 1699 Indenture

 Transcription of a document transferring title to some interesting real estate

Button Those Hallenbecks...

 Why didn't they just haul 'em back?

Button Witches and Wizards

 A family tale for Halloween Eve...

Button Rebels with and without causes!
   The Revolution
   Rabble Rousers

 Includes lists of family names appearing on the Revolutionary War Roles and other information about the Revolution, as well as information on some general rabble rousers

Button Feel like a detective?

 An autograph book, given to a young Lennon girl in the 1800s in Upstate New York provides some names, dates and places for the sleuth in all of us!

Button Kissin' Cousins?

 Figure out the relationship with this calculator. Note: you must have EXCEL 5.0 or higher on your machine to use this calculator!

Button Scarlett Letters and Wild Women

 Where might Hawthorne have gotten his inspiration?

Thanks to Chris Stern for the use of some of her graphics in making my family tree pages attractive. Click on the icon to visit her web pages and see some more of her creative designs!

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