Anne Marie Knott

Anne Marie Knott

I began professional life in defense electronics at Hughes Aircraft, but became an academic when it seemed government policies and firm responses were undermining advance of the knowledge frontier.

Thus my primary research interest is innovation—the conditions under which firms acting in their own self-interest generate economic growth. The work takes two forms: large scale R&D and entrepreneurship, which I view as complements. The R&D component culminates in work on firms' research quotient (RQ). Because I hope diffusion of the RQ measure can do for R&D what hospital report cards are doing for morbidity, and what Sabremetrics is doing for baseball, I created the venture amkANALYTICS to help firms identify their optimal R&D investment and improve their R&D productivity.

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Entrepreneurial Routines

The origin of routines
Redesigning Routines for Replication with Anuja Gupta and David Hoopes, Strategic Management Journal (2014)

How are they valuable if not tacit?
The Organizational Routines Factor Market Paradox, Strategic Management Journal (2003)

Are managers valuable after routines are assimilated?
The Dynamic Value of Hierarchy, Management Science (2001)

What matters most?
Nirvana Efficiency: A Comparative Test of Residual Claims and Routines, with Bill McKelvey, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (1999)

Governance and routines’ consistency
Improving consistency and quality of service delivery: Implications for Addiction Treatment Clinics, with John Kimberly and Rafeal Corredoira, Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment (2008)

Entrepreneurial Churn

Positive externality of excess entry
Is Failure Good? with Hart Posen, Strategic Management Journal (2005)

Why risk-averse entrepreneurs take on 50% failure risk
Entrepreneurial Risk and Market Entry, with Brian Wu, Management Science (2006)

The personal cost of excess entry
No Exit: Failure to Exit under Uncertainty, with Dan Elfenbein, Strategic Management Journal (2014)

Isolating the mechanisms of exit delay
Equity Stakes and Exit: An Experimental Approach to Decomposing Exit Delay, with Rachel Croson and Dan Elfenbein, working paper

The Impact of Government

Engineering optimal levels of churn
The Schumpeterian Cost of Regulation on Entry and Innovation: The Case of Bail Bonds, with Erin Scott, working paper

Impact of CRA–91 on small firms
Induced Discrimination and Firm Size: Information versus Incentive Effects, Journal of Small Business Economics (2005)

Reversing the impact of CRA–91
Reversing induced discrimination: Mechanism Design and Experiment, working paper

Between the Two

Persistent Heterogeneity and Sustainable Innovation, Strategic Management Journal (2003)

Exploration and Exploitation as Complements, in C.W. Choo and N. Bontis (Eds), The Strategic Management of Intellectual Capital and Organizational Knowledge (2002)

All Hail Large Firms: Reconciling the Firm Size and Innovation Debate, with Carl Vieregger, working paper

R&D in Established Firms

Knowledge Physics

There aren’t asset mass efficiencies
On Strategic Accumulation of Intangible Assets, with David Bryce and Hart Posen, Organization Science (2003)

Firms benefit from spillovers unequally
Spillover Asymmetry and Why It Matters, with Hart Posen and Brian Wu, Management Science (2009)

Technological opportunity increases over time; expropriability decreases
Firm R&D behavior and evolving technology in established industries, with Hart Posen, Organization Science (2009)

Absorptive capacity is inate
R&D Returns Causality: Absorptive Capacity or Organizational IQ, Management Science (2008)

R&D Productivity (RQ)

RQ matches theoretical predictions for firm growth
An Empirical Test of Endogenous Firm Growth, with Carl Vieregger, working paper

RQ better predicts market returns than patents
Measuring Innovation with Michael Cooper and Wenhao Yang, working paper

Outsourced R&D has zero returns
Outsourced R&D and GDP Growth, working paper

Country TFP generates different prescriptions from firm RQ
To the Frontier and Beyond: The Causes and Consequences of Cross Country Heterogeneity in Firm’s R&D productivity, with Romel Mostafa, working paper

Replicate innovation studies with RQ
Wharton Data Research Services (WRDS) RQ Database

In Progress

NSF Grant
The Impact of R&D Practices on R&D effectiveness (RQ)

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New Hope for Measuring R&D Effectiveness, Research-Technology Management (2009)

R&D: The Trillion Dollar Fix, Harvard Business Review (2012)

Industrial Research Institute talk on RQ
Demonstrating and Improving the Value of R&D

CFA Institute talk on RQ
Valuing Innovation: Measuring and Valuing the Productivity of R&D Investment

Obtain your firm’s RQ history


What the Two Most Innovation Friendly States Have in Common Harvard Business Review (2014)

End this corporate tax giveaway: R&D incentives CNBC (2014)

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