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Major Publications

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"Practitioner Use of Mehran and Thakor" (Why Are Bank of America's Shares Rallying? by John Carney, CNBC, Wednesday, 24 Aug 2011

"Lending Booms, Smart Bankers and Financial Crises" (forthcoming, American Economic Review)

"Information Reliability and Welfare: A Theory of Coarse Credit Ratings" Journal of Financial Economics, (Forthcoming).

"Correlated Leverage and its Ramifications" Journal of Financial Intermediation 23-4, October 2014, pp. 471-503.

"Strategic Information Disclosure When There is Fundamental Disagreement" Journal of Financial Intermediation 2014 (In Press).

"Bank Capital and Financial Stability: An Economic Tradeoff or a Faustian Bargain?" Annual Review of Financial Economics, Vol. 6, December 2014, pp. 185-223.

"Duration of Executive Compensation" (with Radhakrishnan Gopalan, Todd Milbourn and Fenghua Song) The Journal of Finance 69-6, December 2014, 2777-2817.

"Investor Heterogeneity, Investor-Management Disagreement and Share Repurchases" (with Sheng Huang), Review of Financial Studies, 26(10), Oct 26, pp. 2453-2491, 2013.

"Notes on Financial System Development and Political Intervention" (with Fenghua Song), World Bank Economic Review, 26-1, April 2012.

"Robust Capital Regulation"
(with Viral Acharya, Hamid Mahran and Til Schuermann), Federal Reserve Bank of New York Current Issues in Economics and Finance18-3, 2012.

"Incentives to Innovate and Financial Crisis" , Journal of Financial Economics, 103-1, January 2012, pp. 130-148.

"Managerial Autonomy, Allocation of Control Rights, and Optimal Capital Structure" (with Arnoud Boot), Review of Financial Studies 24-10, October 2011, 3434-3485

"Shareholder-Manager Disagreement and Corporate Investment" (with Toni Whited), Review of Finance. 15-2, April 2011, 277-300

"Bank Capital and Value in the Cross-Section" (with Hamid Mehran), Review of Financial Studies 24-4, April 2011, 1019-1067

"Financial System Architecture and the Co-Evolution of Banks and Capital Markets" (with Fenghua Song), The Economic Journal 120 (547), September2010, 1021-1255.

"Do Envious CEOs Cause Merger Waves?" (with Anand Goel), Review of Financial Stuides 23-2, February 2010, 487-518.

"Overconfidence, Leadership Selection and Corporate Governance" (with Anand Goel), Journal of Finance 63-6, December 2008, 2737-2784.

"Market Liquidity, Investor Participation and Managerial Autonomy: Why do Firms Go Private?" (with Arnoud Boot and Radhakrishnan Gopalan), Journal of Finance 63-4, August 2008, 2013-2059.

"Relationship Banking, Fragility and the Asset-Liability Matching Problem" (with Fenghua Song), Review of Financial Studies 20-6, November 2007, 2129-2177.

"Why Do Firms Issue Equity?"(with Amy Dittmar), Journal of Finance 62-1, February 2007, 1-54.

"Information Control, Career Concerns and Corporate Governance" (with Fenghua Song), Journal of Finance, 61-4, August 2006, 1845-1896.

"The Entrepreneur's Choice Between Private and Public Ownership" (with Arnoud Boot and Gopalan Radhakrishnan), Journal of Finance 61-2, April 2006, 803-836.

"Do Loan Commitments Cause Overlending?", Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 37-6, December 2005, 1067-1100.

"Green with Envy: Implications for Corporate Investment Distortions" (with Anand Goel), Journal of Business 78-6, November 2005, 2255-2287.

"Sunflower Management and Capital Budgeting" (with Arnoud Boot and Todd Milbourn), Journal of Business 78-2, March 2005, 501-527.

"Financial Intermediation as a Beliefs-Bridge Between Optimists and Pessimists" (with Josh Coval), Journal of Financial Economics 75-3, March 2005, 535-570.

"Why Do Firms Smooth Earnings?" (with Anand Goel), Journal of Business 76-1, January 2003, 151-192.

"The Many Faces of Information Disclosure" (with Arnoud Boot), Review of Financial Studies 14-4, Winter 2001, 1021-1058.

"Managerial Career Concerns and Investments in Information" (with Todd Milbourn and Richard Shockley), RAND Journal of Economics 32-2, Summer 2001, 82-99.

"Can Relationship Banking Survive Competition?" (with Arnoud Boot), Journal of Finance 55-2, April 2000, 679-714.

"Megamergers and Expanded Scope: Theories of Bank Size and Activity Diversity" (with Arnoud Boot and Todd Milbourn), Journal of Banking and Finance 23-2, February 1999, 195-214.

"Corporate Control Through Board Dismissals and Takeovers" (with David Hirshleifer), Journal of Economics and Management Strategy 7-4, Winter 1998, 489-520.

"A Brief Retrospective and Prospective Look at the Journal of Financial Intermediation: 1990-98", Journal of Financial Intermediation 7-4, October 1998, 331-337.

"Bank Efficiency and Financial System Evolution: An Analysis of Complementarity Problems in State-Dominated Economies", Research in Economics 52-3, September 1998, 271-284.

"The Economics of Bank Regulation" (with Sudipto Bhattacharya and Arnoud Boot), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 30-4, November 1998, 745-770.

"Banking Scope and Financial Innovation" (with Arnoud Boot), Review of Financial Studies 10-4, Winter 1997, 1099-1131, to be reprinted as a "CEPR Classic" in a book to be published by Oxford University Press (eds: Bruno Biais and Marco Pagano).

"Bank Loan Commitment Contracts: Data, Theory, and Tests" (with Richard Shockley), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 29-4, November 1997, 517-534.

"Financial System Architecture" (with Arnoud Boot), Review of Financial Studies 10-3, Fall 1997, 693-733, to be reprinted as a "CEPR Classic" in a book to be published by Oxford University Press (eds: Bruno Biais and Marco Pagano).

"The Design of Financial Systems: An Overview", Journal of Banking and Finance 20-5, June 1996, 917-948.

"Capital Requirements, Monetary Policy and Aggregate Bank Lending: Theory and Empirical Evidence", Journal of Finance 51-1, March 1996, 279-324.

"Capital Requirements, Loan Renegotiation, and the Borrower's Choice of Financing Source" (joint with Patricia Wilson), Journal of Banking and Finance 19-3, June 1995, 693-712.

"Moral Hazard and Secured Lending in an Infinitely Repeated Credit Market Game" (with Arnoud Boot), International Economic Review 35-3, November 1994, 899-920.

"A 'Barter' Theory of Bank Regulation and Credit Allocation" (with Jess Beltz), Journal of Money, Credit and Banking 26-3, August 1994, 679-705.

"Firm-Specific Human Capital and Optimal Capital Structure" (with Priscilla Jaggia), International Economic Review 35-2, May 1994, 283-308.

"Managerial Performance, Boards of Directors and Takeover Bidding" (joint with David Hirshleifer), Journal of Corporate Finance 1-2, March 1994, 63-90.

"Continuous Signalling Within Partitions: Capital Structure and the FIFO/LIFO Choice" (with Pat Hughes and Eduardo Schwartz), Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance 9-2, Winter 1994.

"Information, Investment Horizons and Price Reactions", Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 28-4, December 1993, 459-482.

"Reputation and Discretion in Financial Contracting" (with Arnoud Boot and Stuart Greenbaum), American Economic Review 83-5, December 1993, 1165-1183.

"Contemporary Banking Theory" (with Sudipto Bhattacharya), Journal of Financial Intermediation 3-1, October 1993, 2-50.

"Security Design" (with Arnoud Boot), Journal of Finance 48-4, September 1993, 1349-1378.

"Self-Interested Bank Regulation" (with Arnoud Boot), The American Economic Review 83-2, May 1993, 206-212.

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"Managerial Conservatism, Project Choice and Debt" (with David Hirshleifer), The Review of Financial Studies 5-3, Fall 1992, 437-470.

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"Secured Lending and Default Risk: Equilibrium Analysis, Policy Implications and Empirical Results" (with Arnoud Boot and Gregory Udell), The Economic Journal 101-406, May 1991, 458-472.

"Shareholder Preferences and Dividend Policy" (with Michael Brennan), Journal of Finance 45, September 1990, 993-1018.

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