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Teaching Effectiveness

I believe Teaching Effectiveness Scores of a class depends on many factors. Some of those factors are:

       1. Performance of the instructor (teaching, availability, genuine interest in his/her students, etc.)

       2. Difficulty level of the subject. 

       3. Knowledge retention of students from prior classes.

       4. Performance of students in the class. 

       5. Number of students in the class.

       6. Time of the class meetings.

            and many more factors ... 

Peer Evaluation

        Mid Tenure Review at MWSU

        Evaluation by Dr. Luthans

        Evaluation by Dr. Chiao

        Evaluation by Professor Roever 


Overall, this instructor rates highly as a teacher: 10-Strongly Agree and 1-Strongly Disagree

Spring 2012

Quantitative Business Analysis - Managerial Statistics I (QBA 120-2)

Average: 9.21           Median: 10                 


Quantitative Business Analysis - Managerial Statistics I (QBA 120-1)

Average: 9.15           Median: 10          


Quantitative Business Analysis - Managerial Statistics I (QBA 120-3)

Average: 9.00           Median: 10   


Fall 2011

Quantitative Business Analysis - Managerial Statistics I (QBA 120-1)

Average: 9.32           Median: 10                 


Quantitative Business Analysis - Managerial Statistics I (QBA 120-2)

Average: 9.26           Median: 10          


Quantitative Business Analysis - Managerial Statistics I (QBA 120-3)

Average: 9.26           Median: 10          

Comments from Spring 2012 (QBA 120)

What did you like about this course?

2012 Freshmen Council Outstanding Faculty Member Nomination: "Dr. Sundaramoorthi has been a positive, influetial teacher to our statistics class. In his class, I am able to understand his lessons very well because he takes the time to make lecture videos and develop creative problems to test our statistics skills while teaching us how, step by step, to solve them. He is very thorough with what he teaches and ensures that each student in the class understands all of the information presented. Dr. Sundaramoorthi makes every lecture session fun and enjoyable for our class so that we are able to learn statistics in a much more lively way while, at the same time, fully understanding lectures. Dr. Sundaramoorthi is truly deserving of this award because he is such a hard-working, approachable, jocular, thorough, and intelligent teacher, who has definetely played a role in encouraging students' morale while, at the same time, helping students to understand that practice makes perfect (i.e. practicing problems). Dr. Sundaramoorthi has certainly played a role in bringing the Olin Business School to its current, high-standing rank amongst other business schools. Again, I am sure that this humble, yet extremely knowledgeable, professor is worthy of receiving this award."

"It was extremely well organized, professor Sundaramoorthi obviously cares about the students, and the material was taught very well. He even posts videos of his lectures on Blackboard, which is extremely helpful, I wish more Olin professors did this as well. "

"I really appreciate Professor Durai's "low amount of work, high amount of learning" philosophy of teaching, and i think that his style and hard work ethic not only serve as a great role model for us students, but also greatly contribute to his ability to allow us to learn so much while having us do so little. The lecture notes are clear and comprehensible: I can listen in class and follow along, but more importantly, when I review the notes myself I can still understand them even after the lecture is over. The homework assignments directly correspond to the lectures notes, and while they might be similar, they definitely give your room to think about certain applications. The organization of the course is excellent, especially after the new addition allowing the due dates of homework to be seen right by the folder name--it definitely allows me to plan ahead much better. That the instructor writes the notes along with us is really helpful and motivates me to pay greater attention in class."

"It's very clear, and the professor is very very nice and helpful. He states everything very clearly, and very patiently. He is also responsible for students, and uses all the effort to help us learn better. Some of the content is confusing, but he explained quite clearly and told us clearly about the confusing points and how to tell them. He also encourages students so that we won't be upset just because of one exam. He is a perfect professor."

"The homework assignments on Blackboard were an EXCELLENT learning tool. They truly helped us learn for the SAKE of learning. The fact that we get multiple attempts proves that. I think overall, that style of homework assignments is far more productive than the style in many other classes, in which homework assignments are turned in and graded. Moreover, the methodical way in which the class was run made sure that everyone was keeping up with everything. So we learned and ended up doing a lot of work without even realizing it."

"is class was extremely well structured. Professor Sundaramoorthi was clearly interested in the learning of students. I think it is EXCELLENT that he puts his lectures online in video form as it allows students to really learn and review material if they were not able to get it the first time. Excellent utilization of technology--please encourage other faculty members to do the same!"

"I liked how I was able to learn how statistics is applied in the real world. I was able to learn statistical methodologies in a fast and simple way due to the efficient construction of course content on Black board and due to the thorough but to the point lecturing in the class."

"I liked all of the help that the professor gave us."

"The professor was very approachable and cared very much about his students and the material. I also took **** **** (Intermediate Stats) which covered a lot of the same material, but this course was far more effective for understanding the concepts."

"This course is useful in business with complement knowledge in Excel."

"Durai is a great professor; really cares about his students, the material, and helping people learn. He is extremely well-versed in the subject and very intelligent. Makes the class and subject matter (which I do not necessarily like) exponentially more bearable."

"Professor Durai was engaging, funny and informative every single class day. He is passionate about statistics and his students and it shows in every lecture. He responds equally well to criticism and suggestions from the class and provides numerous opportunities for extra help."

"I think that that the professor was extremely helpful and devoted to students learning the material. He was determined to give each student as much help as was needed in order for them to get an in depth understanding of the material."

"Professor was extremely organized."

"Content was very manageable. Pace was good."

"I really liked how organized the course was and how quick Dr. Durai was to help us with anything that we struggled with. The fact that he created notes for us and videotaped lectures was amazing. I have never had a professor who is so willing to help students succeed and understand the material. He has been one of my favorite professors in Olin thus far."

"The material is all presented very well and very understandably. The tests and quizes are very fair."

"The organization and structure of the course made it very easy to learn the material. It felt very straight forward."

"Professor Sundaramoorthy was one of the best teachers I've had at WashU, and his format for QBA120 made it easier to succeed so long as you put in the effort, which is not the case with all courses. The simple online weekly homework assignments ensured learning of the material on time with the assessments (quizzes and exams)."

"Classes were organized very well. Instructor was very approachable and answers questions very comprehensively."

"The easy to follow lecture notes."

"The Excel additions and lecture videos were very helpful."

"Professor Durai."

"The instructor was very involved in the course and wanted to ensure success for every student. The course was well organized and the notes were easy to follow. Questions and concerns were always addressed."

"This course was very well organized and easy to understand. It took a complicated subject and broke it down very well. Dr. Durai was a great professor."

"I learned a lot of material and I thought that the material was well organized. The homework problems were helpful to learning the material."

"I like the format of class, especially with the way notes are available to us online. Despite the material sometimes being dull, Dr. Durai does his best to make it interesting. I enjoyed my time in Dr. Durai's class and would want to take another class with him in the future."

"Prof. Durai was the best intro level professor I have ever had. He engaged well with a bigger class and took pride in his work."

"I liked that we were not forced to memorize tons of facts but rather allowed to use notes on tests and have to apply what we learned rather than simply reciting a formula. This facilitated learning, I also liked the homework format on blackboard."

"video lectures were great and helpful"

"The course is well organized with moderate difficulty, the professor is very helpful. i like how the professor would upload the video lecture for students to watch online."

"The material was presented in a very organized, sensible manner. It was very easy to comprehend the information, mostly because of the very organized and logical order in which it was presented."

"It was structured very well and it was easy to access information."

"easy A if you do your work"

"The professor was very understanding in every way possible and taught in a very organized fashion."

"Dr. Durai gives out extremely clear notes which are very helpful. He is probably the best teacher I have ever had."

"Very organized and the professor's expectations were very clear."

"easy to follow notes"

"Professor Durai really wants his students to succeed and provides them with the materials and resources necessary to do well in the course without a ton of effort and stress."

"The Organization"

"I felt the information we learned was very applicable to real-world situations. I additionally liked the note packets, as it provided a very clear way to learn the material. It's also nice that the professor does not try to make the tests impossibly difficult (like ***** *90)."

"It was straightforward and well organized."

"The course material was very clear and organized. Dr. Durai was always more than willing to help and answer any questions and he explained all the topics well."

"I like how the class was very well organized and I like the style of lecture notes. Also I believe that the open note tests are effective because they encourage application rather than memorization."

"The professor simplified the material and applied it well to a business context. He truly wanted us to succeed, and made it very possible to do so."

"fairness, clarity, passion"

"The online homework on blackboard makes it easy to see how well you understand the material and continue trying until you get it right."

"Handouts - knwoing what the tests will be like"

"the way lecture slides were laid out in advance"

"very fair, straightforward attitude, if you do the work you will do well."

"-the professor cares a lot about the student's input and is willing to adjust the course to accommodate any or all suggestions -provides supplementary materials to help the students -organized -willing to help students even on topics that are not covered in class or with outside work that is relevant to QBA -responds to emails quickly"

"Dr. Durai is one of the nicest teachers ever. He caters to every type of student, and is always on top of questions and concerns. He is very easy to contact and get a hold of. He answers my questions via e-mail very quickly. He is very understanding of the students."

"I liked the fact that the course is extremely well-organized"

"Very organized. videos were a valuable resource to review material"

"I like having multiple attempts for the homework assignments. Having less pressure when doing the homework makes it easier to just focus on actually learning the material."

"Dr. Durai was very approachable at all times."

"I liked that the professor dedicated so much time outside of the classroom to give us materials to study, such as making videos of course lectures that could be accessed to review material for studying."

"I like that the notes are printed out and interactive. I also think the homework assignments are helpful."

"Everything was extremely organized and the Dr. Sundaramoorthi is genuinely concerned for the well-being of his students. By far, my favorite class/teacher at Wash U."

"The material was presented in a clear manner that helped with our understanding. The weekly homework with immediate answer checking also reinforced the material we retained."

"The lecture notes are great."

"Good straightforward teaching style and fair grading procedures. Professor was very reasonable in general."

"Class is organized very well and the teacher is great with having outlined notes with relevant formulas and examples. He is also funny and I enjoy the class."

"The course was very well organized and follows the book well. Thus it is easy to follow along and read the textbook if necessary"

"I liked the structure and expectations set by the course."

"Dr. Durai explains everything in the course very well and his lecture notes are outstanding."

"Durai is the man. Explained things well, made difficult concepts simple and easy to grasp."

"Professor Durai is very concerned for students and puts alot of effort into the class!"

"I thought Professor Durai was a great teacher and made this class enjoyable. He taught the material very well and made sure that we understood every step to ge the answer."

"I liked how the course was organized. I thought making the class open note, relieved some of the usual stress of memorization, and allowed us to take the information in much better."

"plenty of example problems"

"I really like Dr. Durai, he is a good teacher with a good attitude towards the students and the material. He was very helpful and outgoing."

"I liked that the notes were well laid out so instead of taking notes, we could simply follow along as the material was covered."

"very well laid out, structured fair. organized and makes it easy for us to do well."

"I liked the way in which lecture notes were organized and the examples that were provided in class, as it allowed me to understand the material better. Thank you!!"

"I liked that he kept the whole course very organized and simple and allowed for easy access for help."

"I liked the material covered in class, it was interesting"

"Dr. Durai wanted us to understand the material and really cared about the students. He structured the course so that it would be easy to succeed if a student just put the work in. He made lecture notes easy to follow and easy to review. He also posted lecture videos and notes online. This was helpful in case I did not understand something during class.... posting videos online gave me the chance to review and take things slower."

"durai is a great teacher who genuinely cares about his students. i honestly wish every teacher here was like that, wishing his students to learn rather than just fight for the sake of getting a grade."

"Great lecture notes and organization."

"concepts are followed by example problems. 2) video and powerpoint lectures are available on blackboard after the lecture"

"The structure was outlined well."

"Very organized and straight forward. A lot of supplementary material online. Test questions are easy if you study."

"Very easy to go back and review material, very well planned and coherent"

"Very organized and has expectations are very clear. Good teacher and explains material well."

"Easy, but I learned a lot"

"I like straightforwardness of the notes. It was simple and easy to follow."

"Professor Durai was very helpful and was genuinely concerned for the students"

"Professor Sundaramoorthi is a fabulous lecturer and I love the way he organizes his lectures. It makes it really easy to keep up in his classes and his lecture notes help me participate in class."

"The professor is really good at managing those students who have hard time following the course. His careful explanations about the subjects are very helpful."

"The professor was so warm and friendly."

"Bare bones aproach to statistics allowed us to integrate more complicated material as we moved through the course, allowing us to integrate the information form the class more easily."

"Very well organized, good lectures, a lot of support material on blackboard, etc. Professor was enthusiastic about material and made sure everyone had the ability to learn it."

"Concise and clear teaching style. Lectures online. Notes"

"The course was structured extremely well. The material was presented in a fashion that was easy to retain and understand. The instructor was very helpful and knowledgable in the content of the course."

"I really liked the professor"

"Dr. Durai is a fantastic teacher who truly cares about each one of his students. He holds us accountable for learning the material. If you attend classes and take notes, you WILL learn."

"material and notes are easy to understand"

"The entire course was well-organized, and the professor was always willing to help students learn."

"Statistics is very good to understand. The teacher is very funny and fair."

"very well paced, I liked having the option to view lectures online if we missed a class"

"Learning about the practical application of statistics in business settings."

"Well organized, easy to follow the instructor."

"I like the style of the lecture notes."

"I liked that the professor used real world examples for our homework and assessment problems."

"Material was manageable and easily applicable to real life"

"I enjoyed the enthusiasm Prof. Durai brought to class each day. Its very easy to tell he has a passion for statistics and a great desire to pass it on to all of his students."

"The teacher explains things explicitly and makes those hard materials really easy to understand."

"The material was very easy to follow, especially with taking notes"

"I liked how there was a significant amount of material provided to supplement the lectures and notes from class."

"The ideas and concepts learned seem applicable to real.life situations. The notes and homework were well organized. The tests were fair and tested what was taught "

"Professor Durai is a really nice guy and makes sure he fully explains the material."

"I like the applicability of this course."

"It is very organized. Professor Durai does a greta job of explaining topics and helping students understand everything."

"The expectations were very clear and the material was taught at an appropriate pace--all the material was broken down to an understandable level but we didn't go too slowly."

"well organized. Lecture notes were provided for us which was very helpful "

"It taught the material in a very easy to understand manner."

"The professor was great, very engaging, and very patient. I thoroughly enjoyed this class and would recommend that everyone take a class with Professor Durai"

"Lecture material is really well organized so that students can study with ease. In addition, professor is always eager to help students improve."

"I liked that this course was very organized. Also, when we had exams and quizzes, we knew that there wouldn't be surprises coming our way. I always felt well-prepared for the exams."

"Professor Durai explained everything very thoroughly, even if it was a simple concept."

"The course was well set up where the lecture notes were very easy to follow."

"I liked how organized the professor was, his notes were particularly helpful. Also, I liked doing practice problems in class. They were helpful for completing homework."

"Professor Sundaramoorthi does an excellent job of explaining the material and his expectations are always very clear."

"Well prepared class"

"The easygoing class environment was very conduscive to learning."

"The lectures were helpful and clear"

"the notes and videos that were posted online helped, and it showed how much Professor Durai cares for his students."




Comments from Fall 2011 (QBA 120)

Positive Comments:

"Professor Sundaramoorthi is a great professor and really cares about his students. He made a hard subject very easy to learn. The notes are very clear and organized and it was taught very well. In the beginning of the year, the class moved kind of slow, but now it is at the perfect pace."

"Awesome job! Took a material like statistics and made it fun and interesting."

"Explains information very patiently and well, is almost always in a very optimistic and good mood to help."

"I really enjoyed taking your class this semester. Although I have taken AP Statistics in high school, seeing its applications to business pushed my learning even further. Thank you!"

"I've never felt so confident in my knowledge of a subject after taken a class than I do now. I truly learned everything I possibly could and I believe it is not just do to me understanding the content, but due to the organization and eagerness of my professor."

"I have greatly enjoyed this class, and found the teaching style to be accommodating to how our real life interactions with this kind of data may appear."

"I highly enjoyed this class! I had studied statistics previously and really disliked it, but you made it really engaging. I really appreciated that you had us print out the lectures and follow along in class- I think all quantitative courses should follow this example."

"This was a really great course and I learned a lot. The lectures were extremely clear and I think the grading is fair. You're a great teacher!"

"Very enjoyable class. You had a good mix of seriousness in learning material paired with a good sense of humor. At times class seemed too easy, but I have prior experience with statistics, so that may have been the case. Overall, one of my favorite classes of the semester. Great job!"

"I greatly enjoyed the constant communication and organization this class had. I actually enjoyed statistics which I did not think would happen."

"Wonderful professor, knowledgeable, cares about students, easily accessible for help, excel information was really helpful"

"I really enjoyed your class. I thought the organization was particularly effective and the lecture notes and using the document camera were especially valuable."

"Good lectures (nice pace and explained ideas well) and homework policies."

"I love how much you care about the students, not just that we did well in the course, but also that we did well without more time and effort than necessary. Your organization and clear communication prevented having multiple assignments at a time and having occasionally difficult concepts from becoming stressful. It was a pleasure being in your class."

"Professor Sundaramoorthi really understands and utilizes the most effective methods of teaching. He is an amazing teacher who truly cares for his students."

"You're a fantastic teacher. It's obvious that you care about your students and that you want them to succeed. I think you're very intelligent and I've gained a wealth of information about statistics and using Excel as a result of taking your course."   

"The class is phenomenally organized on Blackboard and in lecture, and I think it makes it really easy to keep up with the class over the course of the semester. Overall, I did not get too much out of the class, but that's not your fault: I took AP Statistics in high school and covered the majority of the material we talk about in class. I still learned some new things, such as Poisson Distributions, but it's a difficult class to teach because getting a 5 on my AP test did not exempt me from the class, so I was essentially hearing the material for a second time. Still though, I enjoyed your class both because I think the notes make it easy to understand subjects and because you do a great job of lecturing and answering questions."

" I really enjoyed the class. You want the students to succeed, and thats the best to find in a professor."

"I enjoyed this class immensely. I will be continuing on to QBA II next semester and this class will serve as a great base."

"I really enjoyed the course. I thought the instruction was very clear and really helped me learn effectively. Also, I always enjoyed coming to this class!"

"you are a great teacher and I hope you stay at WashU for years to come! Keep up the good work.

"This has been the best math related course I have ever taken! The way you break everything down into simple parts is great and this is the first time I have ever felt comfortable with math. I wish you taught QBA Level 2! Thank you for a great semester "

"well done in your first year at washu. best of luck in future years! "

"I really enjoy this class and think Dr. Durai is a great professor. He teaches the material well, teaches at a good pace, always makes sure students are understanding the material, and is very accessible outside of class! I think the homeworks are worthwhile, and I like how Dr. Durai recommends problems from the textbook for extra practice (this helped immensely in preparing for the exams). I do wish the exams were out of more points, or that maybe we had more quizzes. I did not do as well as I would've wished on the first exam, and I hope it doesn't hurt my final grade in the end. Overall, I think this is a great course and Dr. Durai is a great professor for it!"

"Out of all of my professors, you cared the most about your students by far."

"You are a superb professor, very organized, personable, and you explain material very clearly. I have no complaints."

"The most nice professor I ever met!"

"Thanks for everything. Your dedication to teaching and your students is greatly appreciated."

"Dr. Durai Sundaramoorthi is honestly a great teacher. I really hope he stays here at WashU so that other students can experience his teaching. He is very organized and is very clear with the material he teaches. He is arguably one of the best if not the best teacher I've had so far here at WashU. I know exactly what he expects us to know, and he is very helpful when we have questions in or outside of class. He even sends us video tutorials he records himself if we don't know how to do a certain task especially with excel. I would recommend Dr. Durai Sundaramoorthi to anybody. He is very friendly, and I'll never forget him as a teacher."

"you did a great job!"

"I really appreciated the concern and compassion that Professor Sundaramoothi displayed for his students. I especially enjoyed the encouraging emails and the encouraging comments that he took the time to write on our quizzes and exams. Thank you for being an amazing professor! :)"

"new and interesting manner of teaching that i thoroughly enjoyed"

"I really enjoyed Professor Durai. He's very sweet and very knowledgeable! I also really enjoyed the notes he made for us online. They were very helpful!"

"You're a great teacher.. Thanks for an awesome semester "

"I love your class, I'm someone who has struggled with math and statistics in the past but the way your handouts broke the concepts down coupled with practicing with the textbook and homework assignments was great. You are very approachable whenever I have a question and show that you care about your students and their ability to grasp the material by posting helpful solutions, videos, and excel tutorials on blackboard. You rock Dr. Durai !"

"Like him. a very devoted teacher. patient in explaining materials. reasonable work pace rather than unrealistic expectations"

"The level of difficulty with which you constructed the assignments was perfect; the fact that you were able to make the class easy yet still effectively teach the material is a very good thing."

"Great instructor. Most considerate and helpful professor I have ever had. Took a real interest in his students. Wish I could take another class with him."

"Professor Sundaramoorthi cares a lot about the success and well being of his students. He is extremely kind and easily assessable outside the classroom. In fact, he encourages his students to come see him to fully understand the material. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested! He is awesome!"

"Professor Sundaramoorthi, I want to tell you that you were truly one of the best professors I've had thus far at WashU. Keep doing everything you're doing and you will have a very successful career here at WashU."

"I feel like a learned a lot without it seeming difficult, which I really appreciate. The lecture note style was really useful."

"Great job! You really made the class fun."

"Dr. Sundaramoorthi is a great professor. He really cares about students, and puts in plenty of time to assure that each student understands the material. He teaches at a great pace, and starts each class with a review which is really helpful. He explains his expectations for the upcoming test, and gives us advice on how to prepare."

"You were always very clear and made the material easy to understand. "

"It was a fun learning experience! Thank you!"

"Professor Duai has been one of my favorite professors here at WashU. He is very approachable and genuinely cares about his students. He puts a lot of effort into the class by thinking of creative ways to help students better understand the material (the videos). He is very understanding as well. I really enjoyed having him as a professor."

"Great teacher, really impressed with how you were able to teach so well in your first year at washu."

"The class was very well organized and I learned a lot! Thank you so much!"

"Dr. Sundaramoorthi did an excellent job teaching the course material in a clear and easy-to-understand manner. I appreciate the amount of effort he put in to making the PowerPoints, which really made things much easier to understand."

"I really enjoyed having you as a professor this semester and I hope you continue to teach at Washington University!"

"Not only is he a good classroom lecturer, more than most other professors in the BSchool, it's very obvious he cares about student's learning experience."

"Very organized"

  "Homework was very useful and kept me understanding the topics"  

  "I really appreciated all of the time and effort that you put into organizing the class and making it easier"  

  "Course was clearly laid out on Blackboard. Multiple homework attempts took some stress out of homework process and allowed for greater learning. The Lecture Notes and lecture videos online were extremely valuable and an asset to this class that set it apart from the rest of the classes I took this semester. Learning Excel will be extremely valuable in the real world as well as saved me lots of time on homework and exams. Finally, the document camera was unique and had the feel as though you were experiencing the lecture with us which was a great refresher and allowed for a controlled pace to the class.  

 "Loved having lecture videos online-- thank you!!! -Dr. Durai did a great job in using business problems to apply our knowledge in the homework, instead of random topics. -I really like the document camera during lectures- was effective and easy to read. -It was extremely beneficial to learn the different excel tools because I didn't know very much at all about how to use excel functions."   


Comments Suggesting Improvement:

"the lecture handouts were extremely helpful. It helped me follow along during class. Also, I like how they were not powerpoint slides. It is easier to learn if the professor is doing the problems WITH the class. I also appreciated how you gave us enough notice before we had a quiz. I do recommend spending more time on the lectures that require excel and remind students of the TA help sessions."

"All material was incredibly clear. Pace was rather slow; however, that was probably because of the subject itself. Problems on exams and homework could have been much less direct."

"Professor Sundaramoorthi was so available, posting videos on Blackboard and emailing us regularly. He clearly worked hard and wanted to get in touch with students. Even though we were in Siegle and couldn't have name cards, he still learned ALL our names (I didn't know he knew mine until he sent an email at the end of the semester pointing out people who had asked good questions or participated well, I was so impressed!!). He definitely worked very hard. I do think the class could be more difficult in the future. As someone who took AP Stats in High School and got a 5, I was a little bummed I couldn't test out of this course. I understand how hard it is to keep those people with prior stats knowledge entertained while not confusing students to whom the topic is new. One way I think you could make the course a little more challenging is to not have open note exams. Let us bring in (or provide us with) the formulas, but don't tell us which formula is which. That way we still have to study and learn the material - right now I don't think people really need to prepare for exams because we have all our materials with us, and as a result aren't learning the material, just using their notes. They don't understand it if they don't have the notes - By making us study for exams I think I would have learned a lot more (even though I enjoyed not having to do too much work). Overall, thank you so much, you were wonderful."

"Great attitude in the classroom! Be a little harsher on the students next semester so that more people answer your questions"

"Dr. Durai was an exceptional instructor. It was apparent that he wanted each individual to succeed in his class, and he invested a lot in making it as easy as possible for us to do well. Dr. Durai went above and beyond to make himself accessible to the students and to make sure we had every opportunity to master the material, even posting lecture videos and thoroughly reviewing previous lectures at the beginning of each class. He created a very engaging learning experience. Excellent job! My only negative comments are: 1.) Dr. Durai sent too many emails, especially over the weekend. In order to respect the students' time and to not intrude on our personal lives, please try to minimize the number of emails regarding school work and announcements to during the school week and during decent hours (not 12:30 at night...). 2.) He often asked us to answer questions (to encourage class participation) that were easy and most people knew the answer just were too lazy or shy to speak up. This created a lot of awkward silences or the same people speaking up during each class. Maybe only pose questions to the class that are actually challenging."

"2 things. Keep the review short, which got better later in the semester. Second, textbook is not needed for course but we had to use the tables in book for final exam. Make textbook optional and photocopy and post important tables."

"Good class overall. Maybe a little bit slow at some points but I thought you taught well"

"I wish the professor went through the review of last lecture faster."

"The class was well taught but it needed to move at a faster place. I often felt bored because of the pace. We don't need the review of previous powerpoints from last week, if we did not understand or did not go to class, its our responsibility to make it up."

"I really enjoyed the class and was able to learn the basics of statistics. I also liked how I could apply my learning outside of class and also focus on topics I was interested in for the extra credit project. One thing maybe to improve is the syllabus/assignment sheet. It'd be nice to know when certain lectures are planned and the homework assignments as well. Overall, I had fun and learned a lot."

"Dr. Sundaramoorthi is a fantastic teacher. My only complaint about the course is that I should have been able to test out of it with a 5 on the AP Statistics test. I haven't learned any information that I hadn't previously learned. This class was primarily a review for me."

"While the course was very fair in terms of clarity (i.e. open notes, book, computer exams and outlines of the exam questions prior to tests), I feel as though having a class THAT open almost discouraged students from studying outside of class and practicing the material. I would have liked to have done more complex class examples and tests and quizzes that were not quite that open so that coming to class and practicing outside of class would have been more worthwhile."

"I liked the web work and how all the lectures were organized online and accessible. The speed of the class picked up near the end and should have been quicker in the beginning. Good luck learning Mandarin! "


Teaching Effectiveness: 1-Exceptional and 5-Poor

Spring 2011

Business Statistics II (GBA 310-2)

Average Effectiveness: 1.18           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                 


Business Statistics II (GBA 310-1)

Average Effectiveness: 1.22           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                


Online Business Statistics II (GBA 310-40)

Average Effectiveness: 1.39           Median Effectiveness: 1.0      


Fall 2010

Business Statistics II (GBA 310-2)

Average Effectiveness: 1.217           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                 


Business Statistics II (GBA 310-3)

Average Effectiveness: 1.255           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                


Business Statistics II (GBA 310-4)

Average Effectiveness: 1.509           Median Effectiveness: 1.0           


Spring 2010

Business Statistics II (GBA 310-2)

Average Effectiveness: 1.244           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                 


Business Statistics II (GBA 310-1)

Average Effectiveness: 1.388           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                


Management Science (MGT 431)

Average Effectiveness: 1.371           Median Effectiveness: 1.0           


Fall 2009

Business Statistics II (GBA 310-3)

Average Effectiveness: 1.149           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                 


Business Statistics II (GBA 310-2)

Average Effectiveness: 1.397           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                 


Business Statistics II (GBA 310-1)

Average Effectiveness: 1.408           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                 


Spring 2009

Business Statistics II (GBA 310-1)

Average Effectiveness: 1.303           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                 


Business Statistics II (GBA 310-2)

Average Effectiveness: 1.472           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                


Management Science (MGT 431)

Average Effectiveness: 1.750           Median Effectiveness: 1.0                 



Fall 2008

Business Statistics II (GBA 310-1)

Average Effectiveness: 1.597           Median Effectiveness: 1.0               


Business Statistics II (GBA 310-2)

Average Effectiveness: 1.761           Median Effectiveness: 2.0                 


Business Statistics II (GBA 310-1)

Average Effectiveness: 2.043           Median Effectiveness: 2.0                

Comments from Fall 2010 (GBA 310)


"This is by far the best class I have taken. He is a great teacher. There isn’t one time he hasn’t tried to help everyone. Love this class."

“I personally think that you are the smartest professor in the Missouri Western Craig School of Business”

“Course is very well taught. It is very easy to follow along.”


“Having the lecture notes printed out and then filling them in using the document camera help(ed)  me follow along.” – Brody Riddle

“Great teacher who can joke and have fun but still teach at the same time. Always willing to help.”

“The organization of the class makes this class very easy to follow along.” – Megan Baggett

“Tests were great. I liked the notes and the handouts. They were very helpful.” – Heather S. Reeder

“Great class, easy to understand. Clear notes.”

“Great Notes. Clear Descriptions.”

“I’m glad you had the video lectures online, they were helpful for studying on if I missed class.”

“Very Interesting examples that keep it exciting. Very thorough in explanations.”

“Very well organized, always treats his students more than fairly and wants them to succeed.”

“Durai is excellent at maintaining a speed in class suitable for all. He is personable & approachable, which is very important to me personally. He does a super(b) job of reviewing the previous (class) lesson.”

“Video lectures on WebCt very nice touch. Daily notes easy to follow and review with.”

“I really enjoy this class because of the lecture notes, document camera lectures, and SPSS handouts. All of these are very helpful in understanding the material. The online video lectures are also very helpful in case you have to miss class for some reason. I enjoyed stats because you make it fun and interesting.”- Lauren Jackson.

“You teach the material well. So that we all understand.”

“Very approachable and willing to help with any class matter. Presents information very understandably. Handouts make it very easy to follow along and understand. Tests reflect materials covered in class very well.”

“The coolest resource you have that no other professor uses is the video taped lectures on WebCt. The document camera was awesome and couldn’t have been improved on.” – Aaron Majors

“The use of in class exercises were really helpful.”

“Great at creating outside resources, puts in a lot of effort and time to make sure we have all the information we need. Willing to help anytime available. Makes statistics interesting and fun to learn.” – Taylor Sharp.

“Good notes and the video lectures help a lot. Whether you miss a class or need to go back because you missed something, the lectures provide that.”

“You take the time to explain things thoroughly and give extra help if needed. Lecture & Lecture notes are step by step! Appreciated.”

“I really appreciate the fact that you offer your lectures in video on WebCt, those are extremely helpful.” – Melissa Woodard.

“I was very impressed with the organization of the handouts in sequence with the lectures. It made the course so much easier to navigate. Also the level of detail in the videos on WebCt far exceeded my expectations and became a better resource for me than the book.”

“You make it very easy to comprehend the material. Making items available on WebCt and the O drive is great. (Videos are very helpful). Example problems are great.”

“I found the document camera very useful. The lecture notes were helpful in studying. I appreciated the SPSS handouts, especially where you edited the slide to focus my attention on a specific area. The lecture videos were especially helpful! Very good professor overall! Very organized. He is willing to help during office hours and before and after class.”

“He does a very good job at making the material easy to understand. I like how he follows the notes with us on the over head.”

“You are very good about trying to help students. You answer our questions, make yourself available to students, and even reserve a room for test studying. You are a good teacher.”

“The note taking in the class is very clear and understandable. I also like the fact that all of the notes are available to us before the class begins. Well organized with all materials available to the students.”

“The use of the document camera was very helpful. Since you took notes along with us it was easy to follow everything. The examples made everything very clear. Great, specific, & clear explanations.”

“The notes are very helpful in preparing for the exams. You offering help and answering questions encourages me to do better on exams. Videos help when I miss a class.”

“Takes time to explain if you don’t understand something.”

“The document camera works well for class. Notes are easy to follow & refer  to during tests.”


Additional Comments:  

“I really Found the additional lectures (videos) on WebCt very effective! If I missed a class or didn’t understand From the lecture in class I could always go back and watch that topic. I really enjoyed taking this class because you are such a great teacher!”

        “I thought that class went very smoothly every day. I like that you use the video projection to conduct class & the   

         video  lectures are very handy.”

        “I like the use of the camera & how you prepare us for the tests.”

        “The way you managed the class changed my view of stats from stats I.”

“Using the document camera & having the computer lab is very helpful.” – Megan Baggett.

“Very good teacher. Overall, made me like stats! J” – Heather S. Reeder

“Using notes during tests is very helpful.”

“Great Class, had more fun than stats I.”

“I enjoyed it more than all my classes this semester.”

“Your (you are) probably the best teacher I’ve ever had. I feel like I actually learned something this semester. Thank You.”

“Great Class!”

“The open book, open notes tests are a very good way for students to not only do well on the tests but remember the material better.”

“When my family experienced a death, he went out of his way to not only give me ample time to prepare, but let me make up a missed test. Stats is my worst subject, but I have really enjoyed Durai.”

“Dr. Durai seems to be very passionate about the success of his students and is willing to go extra miles to see them succeed.”

“I like that before the next topic we always reviewed the prior one, before moving on, it was the most helpful aspect of the class.”- Cass Holtz

“This is my favorite class due to the way that you teach it because you make stats fun and easy to learn.” – Lauren Jackson

“Surf (internet) lock is great! You can tell Dr. Durai has a heart for his students and is an exceptional professor!”

“Great Professor” – Aaron Majors

“The overhead projections were very good. I had no problems reading them. Much better than a power point lecture. Good videos on WebCt.” – Taylor Sharp.

“The lecture notes on the O-drive are very helpful.”

“I was satisfied with the teaching level of this instructor. I felt the only thing that might have held me back was my own performance.”

“I would like to see this class offered for Honors credit. It would definitely be a good one for any student looking for Majors Honors in Business. You are an overall great instructor!”

“I feel I have learned a lot about stats and am able to understand it more than I did before taking this class.”

“Think about adding an Honors section of this class. I would like to take a business honors course and at times the course went a little slow for me.”

“Good amount of time left for students to meet with you.”


Suggestions for improvement:

“More extra credit opportunities.”

“More opportunity for students to earn points.”

Response: There is extra credit project opportunity discussed in the very first class. If the project is significant enough, it can fetch an 'A' grade for the entire course. This is a big extra credit opportunity! Students are expected to follow the deadline mentioned in the syllabus for the extra credit project. In fact, two students worked on such projects in Fall of 2010. Both of them obtained 'A' without any extra credit from the project.

“A little bit longer for project work in class time.”

“Make the class project (deadline) before the last week of school.”

“Start team project earlier.”

“May be more time in class to work on the group project because the students are very busy & its hard to find a time when all the group members are free to meet.”

Response: Every semester, I get students from some sections of Stats I which did not cover any Inferential statistics. For that reason, I end up covering significant amount of material from Stats I in Stats II. By the time, I cover project topics, we have just about one month left in the semester. Also, students should anticipate spending significant amount of time outside the class to complete the project. Usually, I give at least one class period for the project. We would waste lecture time if we spend too much class time for the project. I will try to work on the timing issues to figure out a solution. 

“The lectures before tests that go with the next test kind of get muddled with the old stuff. So its hard to separate it.”

Response: I do not want to include topics covered just one class before the test on the test (especially if the class meets more than once a week). I believe in giving some time for students to understand newly introduced topics. That is the reason, I save those topics for the next test. In future, I will announce the topics explicitly to clarify this issue.  

“A simple review before exams would be helpful.”

Response: I believe in reviewing after every topic rather than reviewing all the topics at once. If time permits, in future, I will try to give a simple review before exams.



“No improvements needed. Class is very effective in teaching the complicated material.” – Lauren Jackson

“My only suggestion is in the Test Review seminars held outside of class. It would be convenient if we could just use a day in class to review rather than an outside date or time.”

Response: There was no Test Review seminars held outside of class. The optional sessions held outside the class during the weekends were to give opportunity for students to meet me and ask questions during the weekend if they couldn't meet me during the week because of their schedule. It was more like extra office hours held during weekends.

“You repeat a lot of the material, so much that it tends to make students zone out. I would not spend so much time reviewing the topics from the previous class. Especially since you post the videos online so we can review them ourselves.”

“Don’t take as much time when going over the previous class lecture.”

Response. I can not anticipate all the students to listen to my video lectures for review. However, I agree that I have to be efficient in review. I will work on it.



Comments from Spring 2010 (GBA 310)


"Amazing in every aspect of teaching. Durai does exceptional at being there for help. He is always willing to go out of his way. He has even set up a couple (of) extra classes, that I unfortunately could n't attend"

"I enjoy the fact that you hand write while you are teaching as well as the fact that you take the extra time to really see that everyone understands the material! Overall, you were a great instructor"

"Dr. Durai has an excellent teaching method that he employs in his class. Business Stats II would seem to be an intimidating subject, but his attention to review, explanations and procedural detail make it an educational class and an enjoyable one too. He provides access to himself throughout the semester and genuinely cares that each student have the chance to succeed."

"Teaches concepts well. Uses a lot of details and examples. Gives SPSS printouts which teaches the program. A lot of concepts can be use(d) in daily use."

"Sets up time outside of class time and office hours to meet with students. Explains material with examples students can relate to. Uses computer lab (with internet blocked) so the students can learn to use SPSS hands-on. Wonderful instructor!"

"Willingness to help students is more than any other professor I have had. Cares that we do well. Quizzes are great to improve grade. Comp(uter) lab to follow along SPSS and examples."

"Explains information well when students do not understand. Work(s) on book sample problems in class with SPSS to help better understand the section. Prepare(s) (us) for test(s)."

"Helps a lot that you go step-by-step when introducing topics and explaining exactly what to expect for tests. You make stats a lot easier!"

"Great in conducting class. Always available to help. Has great examples. Teaches it very well. Awesome Teacher."

"Dr. Durai is a great instructor. He is very patient when helping students understand the course material. He will even make up additional problems to help students practice the course material. He is great!"

"Very knowledgeable on subject matter and very willing to help outside of class."

"You do a very good job of explaining stats. You really helped me understand stats. You are my fav(orite) teacher I have had so far at Missouri Western."

"Love how he explains everything and projects on overhead for the class."

"Great notes, examples, extra sessions, computer lab, handouts, step by step instructions."

"Good Person & Teacher."

"Explains well. Very good teacher."

"Stats is very boring & hard; he did all he could to make the class interesting. He is very good at what he does. Good teacher, would take him again for another class."

"Covered material well. Made sure students understand everything."



"Dr. Durai's study sessions outside of class really makes a difference. The use of the document camera is an effective tool so we can work the problem with him."

"Durai is always available outside of class to help. He makes stats easy to understand, while showing us the real world applications of the data. Best professor I have ever had!"

"Has a passion for stats. Always on time. Gives time for students to ask questions."

"I like the use of the document camera."

"Great job explaining the material. Takes time to making sure everyone is understanding the material before moving on to the next topic."

"Dr. Durai is outstanding in his teaching of GBA 310. He is very passionate about his profession & it shines through to his students. Any Instructor that comes in on Sunday afternoon to help students is one of a kind. Dr. Durai is BY FAR MY FAVORITE INSTRUCTOR HERE AT MWSU. When I took GBA 310, I thought, oh my God...I am gonna hate this class...(I never cared too much for Stats I)... Butt Dr. Durai changed that...Stats II has been my favorite class! Thank you and Bravo to Dr. Durai."

"really liked the practice problems."

"Very helpful when someone does not understand something, and puts a reasonable number of questions on his eams to test our knowledge of the material."

"He has a good attitude towards learning and Teaching. He wants his students to succeed. He is always willing to provide assistance with any problems or questions that we have about stats. He does review during each class to help us learn and remember the material. He is a good instructor."

"He knows how to explain things more clearly if we don't understand it at first and is always willing to help."

"Easy to follow lecture. Fair tests."

"Shows how to work problems very well. Always there if you need help."

"Very well prepared every day. You made stats more understandable because you take time to explain everything thoroughly."

"Writing notes along with us makes the examples easier to follow and understand. Completely explains topic and makes sure everyone understands before moving on."


Suggestions for improvement:

"Sometimes I felt that you lingered on a particular point for too long but I realize that people learn things at different paces"

Response: When I was a student, I used to think everyone learns like me. After becoming instructor, I realized that different students learn differently. For that reason, I emphasize the same point several times to make sure all the students get it.

"More examples in class. Use more general terms when writing out problems, define symbols"

Response: My approach is to teach the concept of the formula and do at least one example. I never go to a new topic without doing examples for the previous topic. A standard Stats II class is expected to cover certain topics. It is important we cover those topics in order for the students to do well in later classes and, upon graduation, at work. I am always willing to help students do more examples outside the class. In fact, many students get help by meeting me outside the class either during office hours or during office hours. If both of these timings doesn't work, I am willing to schedule a time that would be suitable for the student.

Instead of orally mentioning them, I have started to write the definitions and terms from Fall 2010. However, students should realize that most of the terms used in Stats II come from Stats I. For example, it is important students know and understand the following terms when they come to Stats II.

Population, Sample, Population Parameter, Sample Statistics, Population Mean, Sample Mean, Population Variance, Sample Variance, Population Standard Deviation, Sample Standard Deviation, Population Proportion, Sample Proportion, Inferential Statistics, Standard Normal Distribution, Central Tendency, Dispersion, Confidence Interval, Hypothesis Testing, Regression, Correlation, etc.

"May be a discussion of what exactly you want out of the project. For example, how to type up our problems in word format."

Response: I would like for students to utilize the project as the platform to show their creativity and independence. Complete freedom is provided (with some minimal requirements) to students to choose the project topic (problem, variables, sample size, method of analysis, report preparation, etc.) to enable students demonstrate creativity and independence. I suggest students to start working on the project right after the completion of Chapter 7. Significant amount of work and discussion with me are needed (and expected) outside the class. I do not want to give a step by step instruction which would defeat the purpose of the project.

Comments from Spring 2010 (Directed Student Research)


"Professor is very knowledgeable and is willing to assist me anytime with my work to the point that he gave me his cell phone number so I could call him with any questions or concerns during weekends and holiday breaks."

Comments from Spring 2010 (MGT 431)


"Pushing us to do better was a good motivation & having high expectations. The group project and homework were fantastic. I liked being able to work with teams."

"He understands the material & tries to get the students involved to understand. He is just a great professor tough but truely wants to learn & retain."

"Have really enjoyed class. Most of the material can be used for everyday life, which is really helpful."

"Very good at presenting the material understandably."

"Durai is a great teacher. He wants all of his students to succeed. He takes the time to make sure everyone understands the material and is always available outside of class for help."

"Dr. Durai is the first instructor I have ever given all "exceptional" marks to. Kepp doing what you currently do along with the natural improvements that come with time & experience."

"The professor is always accommodating to the student's requests and suggestions."

Comments from Fall 2009 (GBA 310)


"Very well structured, very prepared, and always putting an extra effort to help students."


           "Great teacher. He will break the problem down for you & help you in anyway that he can. I would definitely take another class w/him. I      

            enjoy his teaching method." 


"Writing out the problems as you do them helps to visually see how to do them."


"Going slowly through the lecture so everyone is on the same page. Providing extra study sessions on Sundays."


"Good at helping us to understand as much as possible. Notes everyday. Keeping the class somewhat entertaining."


"Knows the course very well & teaches it clearly for students to understand. Provides assistance outside of class hours. Gives good examples on the material."


"Dr. Durai was one of the best teachers I've ever had. It is very easy to see that he loves what he does. He is very concerned with the success of students. Dr. Durai is here to help and not to make their lives more difficult."


"I like how you go over the material with us using the doc. camera. It is helpful watching you do the steps then doing a practice problem  afterwards."          


"Excellent at explaining concepts. Open book test is a great way to make material stick. Had high hopes for us and always asked questions to reinforce our understanding."


"Very proud to have an instructor such as him teaching where I go to school. Does a good job and strives for everyone to understand and succeed."


"You always give tests back right away, To me this is great. I think students are always curious about what their test score is. I appreciate the quick grading so we know what our score is and don't have to wonder."


"Organized. Knowledgeable. Willing to provide additional assistance. Able to interpret complicated concepts and connect them to each other."




"Very understanding professor. There are no bad questions. He is willing to spend as much time on a subject as needed."


"The instructor does an EXCELLENT job explaining new concepts. The instructor is very willing and able to offer extra, off-class time help. He is very attentive to students, in and out of class."


"The best teacher I have had at MWSU !! Always willing to help, even on weekends. Wish he taught all of my classes."


"Wonderful at everything! The best teacher I have ever had. Great job & keep it up! this class is what encouraged me to come to class everyday throughout the semester."


"Dr. Durai is very knowledgeable and is always willing to give freely of his time to ensure that the students who want to learn are able to do so in a Friendly positive atmosphere. He definitely goes above and beyond what is required of him to help his students succeed."


"Dr. Sundaramoorthi makes stats enjoyable and easy to understand . He is always willing to help if you have any questions."


Suggestions for improvement:

"If Possible Have Help Session Later in the day on Sundays. Many Students Have Church & Have To Miss Church In Order To Get Help."

Response: I would have changed the timings if this was brought to my attention during the semester (Fall 2009). As per this suggestion, I have moved my optional extra help sessions to Sunday at 2 pm for Spring 2009.


"Can't improve much, but I wish you would have discussed the project a little earlier so we could get a head start on it. Oh don't be afraid to lock the internet or call kicks out on it, this is very distracting to the students behind them."

Response (Project): Detailed discussion of project is purposely delayed to ensure Chapters 7, 8, and 10 are covered. Ideally, Stats II should start from Chapter 7 (some would even suggest to start it from Chapter 10). However, to ensure students have sufficient knowledge for advanced topics, I review chapters 5 and 6 in detail. This is the reason for delaying the project despite having the project write up ready even before the semester starts. Also, complete freedom is provided to students to choose the project topic (problem, variables, sample size, method of analysis, etc.) to enable students demonstrate creativity. I suggest students to start working on the project right after the completion of Chapter 7. Significant amount of work and discussion with me are needed outside the class.

 Response (Internet): I wish this issue was brought to my attention during the semester. I believed internet could be used constructively even during class. I gave the responsibility to students not to surf especially distracting websites. To avoid these kinds of distractions, I have started blocking the internet about five minutes after the class begins. 


"Try and bust people using the internet more. You did it one time but not enough to really stop people."

Response: See the previous response.


"Don't change a thing."

Response: Thank you! I appreciate this comment. However, with businesses changing so fast, I constantly look for ways to improve my class.


"Need to be more clear on terms."

Response: Most of the terms used in Stats II come from Stats I. For example, it is important students know and understand the following terms when they come to Stats II.

Population, Sample, Population Parameter, Sample Statistics, Population Mean, Sample Mean, Population Variance, Sample Variance, Population Standard Deviation, Sample Standard Deviation, Population Proportion, Sample Proportion, Inferential Statistics, Standard Normal Distribution, Central Tendency, Dispersion, Confidence Interval, Hypothesis Testing, Regression, Correlation, etc.

I will try to be clear while revisiting these terms.


"This class should be a lot harder. No effort is is needed to pass this class. Math classes should not have open notes open book tests. This is an upper level math class and students should have to study to do well"

Response: This is an unusual comment. I wish all the students feel the same way. I assume this student got a good grasp for statistics and didn't have to work hard. I do not believe in memorizing formula if it was not understood. For example, everyone understands how to calculate mean and do not need a "cheat sheet" for that.

Students understanding for the formulas starts to be shaky from the standard deviation. I discuss the standard deviation formula to motivate students realize importance of understanding formulas. In the calculation of standard deviation, I explain the reason for subtracting each data from the mean (how far every data is from the mean), squaring the difference (not just to get rid of negatives; to give more weight for bigger differences-otherwise we could just take absolute value), dividing it by n-1 (degrees of freedom), and square rooting (to bring back the measure's original units).

I try to teach the meaning or intuitive reasoning behind formulas/procedures. Once students understand them, they naturally remember them. While preparing for the test, I want students to focus on the concepts rather than memorizing things.


Comments from Spring 2009 (GBA 310)


"Test review very helpful!"

"He is more than happy to meet with you outside of class and wanted everyone to do (well) good in the class."

"He is very nice and very helpful. The test(s) are hard but if you know the material you should be fine. He is always available for assistance  if you don't understand something he will help you"

"I really felt like I learned a lot from this class! - Very Organized - easy to understand material"

"always willing to set aside time for questions. Very helpful."

"Uses hand written steps to teach instead of power points. Prepare(d) us well for exams."

"Very good teacher, cares about students, makes sure everybody understands before moving on."\


"Dr. Durai is an excellent instructor, and wants his students to succeed."

"Makes statistics easy to understand and almost fun to learn."

"cares a lot!"

"Availability. Preparation."

"I think he did quite well explaining out the problems. I really liked how he taught and explained of the projector (document camera)."

"Presents material clearly by writing out every step."

"Talks slower than most teachers. That is great if you ask me, being that we are taking in information."

"Exceptional ability explaining the subject. I like your use of the document camera. Able to do square root in your head!"

"Very good at explaining complex topics. I struggle with math, and while stats isn't a math course, the two are closely related. This class didn't come easy, but Durai made the class much better. Plus his extra study sessions helped. Overall, an excellent teacher."

"Good teacher."

"I liked how you give extra class time to students who need it and always like hearing what the students want or need."

"I think you are a great teacher. I enjoy your teaching process. I understood 90% of the material you taught. I have recommended you to several of my fellow students."

"I think it it really helps when explaining the the material to give examples & he does a great job w/that. He is not setting us up to fail. He wants us to succeed"

"You make the information very clear when you write it on the overhead."


Suggestions for improvement:


"Please try and use more examples with actual numbers instead of just the formulas"

Response: My approach is to teach the concept of the formula and do at least one example. I never do a new topic without doing examples. A standard Stats II class is expected to cover certain topics. It is important we cover those topics in order for the students to do well in later classes and, upon graduation, at work. I am always willing to help students do more examples outside the class. In fact, many students get help by meeting me outside the class either during office hours or during office hours. If both of these timings doesn't work, I am willing to schedule a time that would be suitable for the student.


"More Sports Events :) !"

Response: Logistics to arrange even one event is so hard given that the gym is at great demand. Hopefully, I will be able to organize one event every semester.


"I think you could try to make some of your lectures more understandable. Not all of the topics get through to me. I think you need to explain SPSS in more detail."

Response: I will try to make the lectures more understandable.

On the other hand, I always try to end my lectures early enough to accommodate questions. Even during the lecture, I encourage questions. I motivate students asking questions by illustrating how important even a question which appears to be trivial. Early in the semester, I ask students to explain why negative * negative is positive and positive/negative * negative/positive is negative. Most of the students do not have an explanation for this. That way, I let students know every question is important no matter how easy or tough it appears to be. I really wish students ask more questions if a topic is not understandable to them. I am always willing to take questions outside the class meetings if the students are not comfortable asking questions in class.

I provide SPSS handouts which illustrate the procedure. Every topic that could be solved using SPSS is demonstrated in class. For more examples of the same topic, students should practice problems from exercises and ask questions by meeting me outside the class.

Comments from Spring 2009 (MGT 431)


"Very knowledgeable about the subject."

"Very helpful with students & is always willing to answer any questions. This would be an extremely tough course for me but he makes it not so stressful by always providing assistance."

"Gives great examples."

"Teaches info very well. Has passion in teaching students."

"I learned a lot in this class"

"Explains content well and works through spreadsheets to better understand concepts."


Suggestions for improvement: