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Matthew C. Ringgenberg
Assistant Professor of Finance
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Professor Ringgenberg joined the Olin Business School in 2011.  His research focuses on equity lending, short selling, volatility, and the economics of information.  His research on equity lending and short selling examines the causes and results of short sale constraints in opaque markets.  In addition, he has studied the relation between short sales and volatility and he has investigated the impact of information arrival on the volatility of asset prices. 

His research has been published in the Journal of Finance and the Journal of Financial Economics and has been cited in The New York Times.  Prior to his academic career, Professor Ringgenberg worked as a consultant for Charles River Associates in Chicago.

I am excited to announce that as of July I will be joining the University of Utah as an Associate Professor (without tenure). Wash-U is an amazing university and I am grateful that I had the opportunity to start my career in such a wonderful environment.  I will miss my friends and colleagues at the Olin Business School, however I am extremely excited to trade the plains of Missouri for the mountains of Utah!

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