Radhakrishnan Gopalan


Radhakrishnan Gopalan

Campus Box 1133

St. Louis, MO 63130-4899

Ph: (314) 935-9196

E-mail: gopalan@wustl.edu

1.      Weak creditor rights and insider opportunism: Evidence from an emerging market, joint with Xiumin Martin and Kandarp Srinivasan. (under review)

2.      The collateral value of housing: Evidence from service member pension choices, joint with Benjamin Bennett and Thomas A. Maurer. (under review)

3.      Home Equity and Labor Income, joint with Barton Hamilton, Ankit Kalda and David Sovich (under review)

4.      Itís not so Bad: Director Bankruptcy Experience and Corporate Risk Taking, joint with Ankit Kalda and Todd Gormley (under review)

5.      The effect of inversions on corporate governance, joint with Felipe Cortesand Armando Gomes (under revision for resubmission)

6.      State minimum wages and employment: Evidence from one million hourly wage workers, Radhakrishnan Gopalan, Barton Hamilton, Ankit Kalda and David Sovich (under revision for resubmission)

7.      Assessing the quality of bank loan ratings, joint with Yadav Gopalan and Kevin Koharki (under revision for resubmission)

8.      Decision-making delegation in banks, joint with Jennifer Dlugosz, YongKyu Gam and Janis Skrastins (under revision for resubmission)

9.      Analyst Coverage Network and Corporate Financial Policies, joint with Armando Gomes, Mark Leary and Francisco Marcet.

10.  The role of deferred pay in retaining managerial talent, joint with Sheng Huang and Johan Maharjan.