Accounting Research Conference

Current Attendees

Below are the list of current attendees.

Long Chen from George Mason University Zachary Kaplan from Washington University St. Louis Dane Christensen from University of Oregon
MICHAEL MINNIS from UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO BOOTH SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Philip Berger from University of Chicago Joseph Pacelli from Indiana University
Dan Collins from University of Iowa Chase Potter from Washington University Xiaoli (Shaolee) Tian from The Ohio State University (visiting Georgetown University)
Grace Pownall from Emory University YIFANG XIE Sam Bonsall from Penn State University
Nemit Shroff from MIT Gary Lind from Rice University Henry Friedman from UCLA
Yadav Gopalan from Washington University in St. Louis Rong Ding from Warwick Business School, UK Jonathan Black from Purdue University
Kevin Koharki Ryan Ball from University of Michigan Andy Call from Arizona State University
Zawadi Lemayian from Washington University in Saint Louis Rustam Zufarov from Rice University Yan Sun from Saint Louis University
Gauri Bhat from Southern Methodist University Nathan Marshall from University of Colorado Boulder