About the Honoree

Nicholas Dopuch
Hubert C. & Dorothy R. Moog Professor Emeritus of Accounting

Nick Dopuch

Professor Nicholas Dopuch, an internationally known accounting scholar, has been the Hubert C. and Dorothy R. Moog Professor of Accounting at Washington University since 1983. Since that time, he has served in many capacities at the Olin Business School. He was Director of the Ph.D. Program from 1986 through 2003 and editor or co-editor of the Journal of Accounting Research from 1967 to 2001. He has also served on the editorial boards of several distinguished journals, including Contemporary Accounting Research, the Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Finance, and Auditing: A Journal of Practice and Theory.

Professor Dopuch was awarded the Olin Business School Dean’s Medal in April of 1995 and was one of four Washington University faculty members to receive a Distinguished Faculty Award on Founders Day, 2004. He was twice winner of the AICPA’s Award for Outstanding Contribution to Accounting Literature. In 1981, he was the recipient of the Outstanding Accounting Educator Award of the American Accounting Association, and in 1999, the Outstanding Auditing Educator Award of the same association. Professor Dopuch was inducted into the Accounting Hall of Fame in August, 2001.

Nick continues to contribute his ideas and expertise on a regular basis and the Olin faculty feel greatly privileged to work with him.

Please see:

The Pricing of Accruals for Profit and Loss Firms. Nicholas Dopuch, Chandra Seethamraju and Weihong Xu. Rev Quant Finan Acc, Published online: 28 August 2009; (2010) 34:505-516.


An empirical assessment of the premium associated with meeting or beating both time-series earnings expectations and analysts’ forecasts. Nicholas Dopuch, Chandra Seethamraju, Weihong Xu. Rev Quant Finan Acc. Published online: 16 November 2007. (2008) 31:147-166