Video Testimonials

Megan Lewis — Discusses using Critical Thinking to modify the training program for a new emergency room nurse.

James Dodson — Discusses the use of Critical Thinking when he transitioned into an IT department to support supply chain management with business intelligence and forecast reports.

Colleen Wilson — Using Critical Thinking when working in a highly collaborative environment with varying views.

Clara Welsh — Using Critical Thinking to analyze and rethink aspects of a media plan.

Alex Reed — Using Critical Thinking to connect with an underperforming employee.

Vijah Balakrishnan, Adam Hodge, and Cory Glass — winning first place at the Wells Fargo Case Competition utilizing critical thinking to determine the credit worthiness of a business entity.

Paula Crews, Associate Dean and Director of Marketing & Communications at Olin Business School — Discusses using critical thinking to address biases and formulating the right problem to increases client satisfaction.

Mathew Fyock — Using Critical Thinking for data analysis and challenging assumptions in his internship to drive gains.

Justin Marshall — Using critical thinking to reformulate the problem and establish new organizational processes.

Jonathan Kaufman — Using Critical Thinking to develop a unified vision and strategic plan.

Jasmine Guo — Discusses using Critical Thinking to research and discover new information.

Jamie Farmer — Using Critical Thinking during an internship at L'Oreal to formulate a marketing and communications plan

Francie Wasser — Consultant at BCS, discusses the benefits of using Critical Thinking by asking the right questions.

Elizabeth Biancani — Discusses using Critical Thinking to challenge assumptions.

Drew Gulick —  Using Critical Thinking to determine the real problem and appropriate solutions.

Chris Curtis — Using Critical Thinking everyday at AB-Inbev to understand points of view and clearly communicate assumptions.

Carol Young — Using Critical Thinking during an internship to formulate a marketing and communication plan at Nestle Purina

Amber Ansari — How Critical Thinking advances merger integration at Humana.